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Institutional principles

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A business group renowned for clean mining, producing significant benefits in countries where we deploy our projects, without compromising the environment or the economic possibilities for future generations.”

  • Mission

Producing efficiently by utilizing technology that preserves the environment with high safety standards, and creating development opportunities for its employees.”

  • Corporative Values

Respect: To strengthen the relationship between the company and our employees, protecting the environment and the safety of our workforce.

Integrity: We strive to govern our actions within the highest standards of business ethics.

Creativity and Innovation: We are environmentally conscious and seek to reduce the environmental impact by meeting and/or exceeding the legal obligations on a national and international level. We strive to develop the automating and systemization of our processes.

Solidarity: We strive to promote sustainable economics and developments, while continuing to be aware and respectful of the environment in which we operate. We aim to add and not subtract.

Honesty: We strive to be honest with ourselves and with others, and to act with transparency, trust and equality.

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