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Carampayocc Project


Main Commodity: Gold
Secondary Commodity: Untested
General Data File in Ministerio Energía y Minas MEM

  • Claim name: Elomin / Shekhinah
  • Right type: Exploration / Mining
  • Unique ID: N° 01-06732-08
  • N° 01-06733-08
  • N° 01-06734-08
  • Mining right: Indeterminated
  • Surface: 2,500 hectares.



  • Palpina Compañía Minera S.A.C. Transferencia de Elizabeth Luque

District / Province / Department:

  • Panao / Pachitea / Huánuco / Perú

Current status:

  • The project is in its early stage, is currently preparing to file paperwork for permits and authorizations.


Mine type

  • The deposit is a disseminated body type, hosted in granodioritic rocks. The area is completely altered by the presence of Fe.

Deposit type

  • Mass or disseminated encrusted with gold. 
  • As a control is seen a Gossan (Fe) with 2 lenses in an area approximately 4 km x 1 km

Operation type

  • Open Pit

Mining method

  • Mechanized Open Pit

Treatment method

  • Leaching

Recovery method Au:

  • Carbon activated / Merrill C.

Exploration programs

  • Diamond drilling

Mining program

  • Projection 7Millions MT/Year

Permits status: Process

Social License

  • In conversations with communities

Surrounding communities

  • Carampayocc community with a population of about 60 families. The community has no road access.
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