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clean-mininIn carrying out our activities, we will use the best practices of mining execution according to the following policies:

  • Training of the miners in techniques and the prevention of occupational diseases and industrial safety
  •  Creation of the structure and procedures of our mining
  •  Mandatory use of protective equipment for workers, supervisors and all visitors to the industrial zone
  •  Inspection plans and check lists
  •  Investigating incidents and accidents
  •  Statistics and safety ratings
  •  Internal and external audits
  •  Rescue emergency response
  •  Medical post ready for regular medical examinations and first aid
  •  Use of work systems (20×10) 20 days of work for 10 days off
  •  Total ban of alcohol, snuff, drugs and all that would pose a risk to occupational safety
  •  Prohibition of hunting, fishing, gathering or destruction of flora, or soil contamination

Practice responsible environmental management by all workers of GOLDBANK, considering the following policies:

  • With communities
  •  We apply the best practices of corporate governance.
  •  Respect the culture and customs of the communities.
  •  Our standards and behaviors are based on the culture and customs of the community.
  •  Our company will work to apply international quality standards. (ISO 14001, OSHA 18001)
  •  Integrate economic, social and environmental decision making.

To the environment

  •  Comply with all environmental laws and regulations. Care for the ecosystem.
  •  Environmental protection is a priority for our company.
  •  Environmental management is done through effective communication with local authorities.
  •  We will provide adequate resources and training for our workers in regards to environmental care.
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