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enviromentThe mine and plant is designed and operated without damaging the environment, adhering to environmental standards and requirements of Peruvian law, and has been included in the EIAs a “Contingency Plan”, aimed at designing ways to prevent and mitigate unwanted incidents. In this sense, the EIAs seeks to define the basic criteria to be considered for proper and timely treatment of accidents, spills, explosions, fires, etc..

The UEA Las Gemelas, developed a contingency plan that considers detailed personnel training in case of emergencies. This training is aimed at teaching workers in the use the equipment and machinery, handling of explosives, handling of chemicals, correction of incidents, safety, first aid, accident management, waste management, etc..

This type of program is given not only to the employees of the company, but also the residents of the surrounding communities that are within the scope of the concessions. The criteria for the organization of the Contingency Plan, involves operational failure that may occur and the health care or contamination spills on the environment and will be responded to immediately.


The actions to be taken will have the following order of priority:

  •  To preserve the physical wellbeing of personnel.
  •  To prevent and mitigate pollution in the areas involved.
  •  Attend justified complaints from locals or authorities.
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