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enviromentWe have made the Impact study, and are prepared to commence the exploration and exploitation at the UEA Las Gemelas, located in the district of Quicacha, Caraveli province, department of Arequipa, in order to harvest the metallic minerals (gold, silver, etc.. ). The Environmental Impact Study Semi-Detailed (EIAsd), is part of the application for the regulatory approval to develop the project. We are a company qualified in the small mining segment, with an area of 801.31 hectares.

The EIAsd includes an assessment of the potential environmental impacts and has been structured in accordance with the Terms of Reference (TdR), and includes a description of existing environmental components in the area affected. It assesses the effectiveness of operational and restoration measures, in order to control and mitigate potential adverse impacts on the eco system. In preparing this study, we used information from direct and indirect sources, according to legal norms.

Natural hazards to which employees are exposed to will be minimal and irrelevant. However, there seasons of heavy rains cause mudslides and landslides.

The 801.31 hectares of the mine is notable for containing solid rocky hills and plains, minimizing this natural hazard.

Also, in the months of August and September, high winds and dry weather erode the vegetation and destroy any growth of grass.

The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) also addressed the release of water (Ministry of Agriculture), industrial discharges (DIGESA), protected areas and archaeological sites (INRENA – National Institute of Culture), social problems and community reconciliation of land ownership.

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