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San Juan de Chorunga


Main Commodity: Gold
Secondary Commodity: Untested
General Data File in Ministerio Energía y Minas MEM.

  • UEA Mining Name: San Juan de Chorunga
  • Right type: Exploration / Mining
  • Unique ID: 010003499 & others
  • Mining right: Indeterminated
  • Surface: 14,316 hectares.



  • San Juan Gold Mines S.A.A. – Century Mining (Canadá)

District / Province / Department:

  • San Juan de Chorunga / Rio Grande / Condesuyos / Arequipa

Current status:

  • The project is in the development stage, managed by San Juan Gold Mines SAA subsidiary of Century Mining (Canada) and is currently in the process of sale.


Mine type:

  • The deposit is epigenetic origin, filling pre-existing fractures, with native gold in quartz gangue and combined with the Fe of pyrite.

Deposit type

  • Veins, with pinch and swell type mineralization, structures from 5 cm to 4 meters thick in the central part, recognized the 35 structures with laws date from 10g / t to 150 g / t.

Operation type

  • Underground Mine

Mining type

  • Cut & fill ascendant, semi mechanized.
  • For small ore bodies, open pit or quarry.

Treatment Method

  • It has 600mtpd processing plant by shaking

Recovery method Au:

  • Carbon activated / Merrill Crowe

Exploration program

  • Diamond drilling 

Mining program

  • Currently 6,000 tons is processed
  • The mine might produce 180,000 tons of ore annually.
  • Current production 1,500 monthly gold ounces

Permits status

  • Exploration – Valid

Social License

  • Commitments to current communities.
  • Approximately 18% of the shares are held by workers and they now want to sell the total.

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