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San Salvador


Main Commodity: Silver
Secondary Commodity: Copper
General Data File in Ministerio Energía y Minas MEM

  • UEA Mining Name: UEA Minera Rey
  • PPM Constancy: 
  • Right type: Mining
  • Unique ID: N° 01-02647-06
  • Mining right: Indeterminate
  • Surface: 1,900 hectares


Owner (s):

  • Minera Illari S.A.C.

District / Province / Department:

  • Panao / Pachitea / Huánuco / Perú

Current Status:

  • The project has approved the Environmental Impact Study, Investment required to proceed with mining permits.
  • Minera Illari S.A.C. has agreed to provide under assignment to GOLDBANK.


Mine type

  • The deposit is hydrothermal  meso range hypothermic low sulphidation, hosted in andesites.

Deposit Type

  • Veins containing gold and silver Outcrops about 800 metres

Operation type

  • Underground Mine

Mining type

  • Mechanized and semi-mechanized Cut and Fill Ascending
  • Treatment Method mineral may have 2 types of treatment.
  • First, choose rich ore and export.
  • Second, the residual mineral flotation treatment.

Exploration Program

  • Diamond drilling
  • Ramps, Galleries and Cuts

Mining Program

  • Projection 10,000 MT/Month

Permits status authorization

  • Exploration Mining in process

Social License

  • Authorized by the communities through agreements and surface land easement.

Surrounding communities

  • 2 Communities, San Salvador y Cocatambo with 120 families approx.

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