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Why Gold from Peru

Peru has the biggest non discovered Gold resources on earth. The Gold resources are discovered and mined with little costs. A third of a million Peruvians make their living through unofficial Gold mining. If recognize, Peru would be ranked as the biggest Gold producer world-wide.


> On standards of quality, Peruvian Gold is the most pure Gold on earth.

> As a leader in the Gold sector, it is the duty of GOLDBANK to serve in Peru.


Outlook for Peru

• Type of government: Democratic (Presidential)
• Elections: every 5 years (next 2011)
• Population: 28 million
• Currency: Nuevo Sol (1US$ = PEN S/ 3.1)
• Main Exports (2008): Mining, fishing and agriculture
• World’s largest silver producer and fifth largest gold producer
• Third largest in copper and zinc production
• Fourth largest in lead production
• One of the fastest growing economies in the world1.
• Estimated 3.5% growth rate in 2009.
• Lowest inflation rate in Latin America
• Peru is now rated investment grade by S&P, Moody’s and Fitch.
• 10 years of consecutive economic growth
(Bloomberg and Internet references)



Peru Mining Laws & Permitting

• Government royalty: sliding scale 1-3% on adjusted gross value of ore concentrates
• Less certain costs, including indirect taxes and freight
• 1% royalty up to $60M
• 2% royalty >$60M to $120M
• 3% royalty >$120M
• Federal & Department oversight of permitting:
• Ministry of Energy & Mines
• 24 Departments & 194 Provinces
• Peru is mining friendly: ranked 3rd in Latin America, after Chile and Mexico. (Fraser Institute)

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